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Pollo PLC-422M-IR3 IP 2MP Bullet Camera

Pollo PLC-422M-IR3 IP 2MP Bullet Camera
Pollo PLC-422M-IR3 IP 2MP Bullet Camera
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H.265 / H.264 1 / 2.7 CMOS sensor 1920*1080, Focal length 3.6mm, Color   0.1Lux@F1.2;   Black/White   0.01Lux@F1.2;    /25~1/100000s; manual/automatic  adjustment  Color/(black  and  white/automatic,  IR-
CUT automatic switching IR 30m support SNR ≥72dB(AGC OFF)

Image Sensor 1 / 2.7 CMOS sensor
Min. Illumination Color 0.1Lux@F1.2; Black/White 0.01Lux@F1.2;
Electronic Shutter 1/25~1/100000s;manual/automatic adjustment
White Balance Automatic
Frame rate PAL:Main Stream (1920*1080@20fps),Sub Stream(D1@25fps) NTSC:Main Stream (1920*1080@20fps), Sub Stream (D1@30fps)
Power Consumption 10W Max
Power Supply DC12V/POE
Working Temperature -20℃~+55℃,Operating humidity: ≤95%
Max resolution 1920*1080
Day and Night Color/(black and white/automatic, IR-CUT automatic switching
WDR support
Gain Control Automatic
Focal length 3.6mm
Interface M12
OSD Superimpose Time; channel name; Position; Picture,
Video compression H.265/ H.264
Image settings Brightness; contrast; sharpness; saturation
Record mode Manual; Detection; Timing video; alarm
Storage Not support
Defaults Support a key to restore defaults
Browser Support above IE6
Alarm and Data transmission Support FTP、E-mail Browser、VMS
User management Support multi-levels user administration
Privacy shelter Support
Motion Detect Support
Network interface 1 RJ45 10/100M Ethernet interface
Access protocol Support standard ONVIF
Smartphone platform Support iPhone, iPad, Android
IP grade IP66
Shell Material Metal
Install Scaffolding; Ceiling-mounted
Type Fixed focal lens

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